Art and function seem to be two mutually exclusive things a lot of the time, so to be able to actually use a well-designed, great looking piece of clothing that is extremely comfortable, is really fulfilling. Being able to wear sweatpants that are designed to be dressed up or dressed down, to me, means that this thing that you’ve chosen as a reflection of your tastes really is capable of handling all aspects of your lifestyle.


We aren't an international design house from Europe.

We're from Midwest, U.S.A.


We aren't from the fashion industry and we don't have a long history.

We're young and small, but with a passion for every detail of comfort for you.


We didn't go to fashion school or have any formal education.

We learned from talking to our customers and figuring out what we like, and using that to create what we believe are premiere and comfortable clothes.



Our approach at TAYLOR BLUM is simple: 1) offer high-quality casual and leisure clothing that you will never want to take off; 2) exceed your expectations on what premium comfort and good design looks and feels like; and 3) strive to design your next favorite clothing staple.

With these basic pillars in mind, we want to reduce options, increase focus, and multiply results. We believe this gives you, the customer, the ultimate benefit in premium comfort and premium design.



Founded in 2020 by Taylor Blum, a former basketball coach turned clothing designer, TAYLOR BLUM is a Midwest, USA clothing brand that specializes in designing the most comfortable, functional clothes combined with a modern design style that incorporates clean lines and subtlety, you can guarantee that you are getting a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing that will keep you looking good and feeling good. We have an all-consuming obsession with clothing that was soft, comfortable, and was versatile enough to look good and feel good wherever life takes you.

TAYLOR BLUM is the natural progression of Taylor's near-lifelong infatuation with comfort and casual/leisure clothing. It began with the typical love of sweatpants throughout his athletic days of high school and college. It continued with nearly a decade in coaching, wearing sweatpants on the sidelines, in the office, and on the road. As the years went on, he developed a craving for style and design in the clothes he was wearing, and had an itch to have the best of both worlds—comfort combined with great look and fit.

He decided to scratch my own itch.

These days, you can see Taylor's interests reflected in the current TAYLOR BLUM flagship product, the Park City Dress Sweatpants: premium comfort, modern design, aesthetic, and fit, combined with the versatility to go from the sidelines to the side street café to the C-suite.



Our manufacturing partners are based primarily in Asia, with final QC and testing taking place in the Midwest of the USA. All factories have been screened to provide the best working conditions for their employees, adhering to all international rules, laws, and standards. Production runs are small to ensure timely fulfillment, uncompromising quality control and the flexibility to dedicate resources to producing new designs.


We are very excited to have you discover our clothing. Thank you for visiting, and please drop us a line if we can answer any questions.